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Zonta Advocates To End Human Trafficking

City declares Human Trafficking Awareness Month in Burbank

Pictured L to R: Mayor Konstantin Anthony, Councilmember Nikki Perez, Lynn Lipinski, Gloria Salas, Steve Arakawa and Councilmember Tamala Takahashi at the presentation of the Proclamation.

Human trafficking and forced labor takes place in communities all over our state - in fact, California has the 7th highest rate of human trafficking in the United States, according to the World Population Review. That's 3.8 victims for every 100,000 in population. 1 in 5 homeless youth in California has experienced some form of trafficking.

Human trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal enterprise in the world, generating more than $150 billion annually, yet few people know exactly what it is and who it affects. Zonta USA Caucus

Zonta advocates to raise awareness and support actions to end human trafficking internationally, nationally and in local communities like Burbank. In issuing a Proclamation, the City demonstrates its support for the work of Zonta in raising awareness so that victims can safely seek the assistance and support they need and perpetrators can be stopped and held accountable. Learn more >


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